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Repository of pentest projects and apps in February 2022

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Android Utilities

Anonymity Tools

Tor Tools

Anti-virus Evasion Tools


CTF Tools

Cloud Platform Attack Tools

Collaboration Tools

Conferences and Events



North America

South America


Exfiltration Tools

Exploit Development Tools

File Format Analysis Tools

GNU/Linux Utilities

Hash Cracking Tools

Hex Editors

Industrial Control and SCADA Systems

Intentionally Vulnerable Systems as Docker Containers

macOS Utilities

Multi-paradigm Frameworks

Network Tools

DDoS Tools

Network Reconnaissance Tools

Protocol Analyzers and Sniffers

Network Traffic Replay and Editing Tools

Proxies and Machine-in-the-Middle (MITM) Tools

Transport Layer Security Tools

Wireless Network Tools

Network Vulnerability Scanners

Web Vulnerability Scanners

Online Operating Systems Resources

Online Penetration Testing Resources

Other Lists Online

Penetration Testing Report Templates

Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT)

Data Broker and Search Engine Services

Dorking tools

Email search and analysis tools

Metadata harvesting and analysis

Network device discovery tools

OSINT Online Resources

Source code repository searching tools

Web application and resource analysis tools

Operating System Distributions


Physical Access Tools

Privilege Escalation Tools

Password Spraying Tools

Reverse Engineering Books

Reverse Engineering Tools

Security Education Courses

Shellcoding Guides and Tutorials

Side-channel Tools

Social Engineering Books

Social Engineering Online Resources

Social Engineering Tools

Static Analyzers

Steganography Tools

Vulnerability Databases

Web Exploitation

Intercepting Web proxies

Web file inclusion tools

Web injection tools

Web path discovery and bruteforcing tools

Web shells and C2 frameworks

Web-accessible source code ripping tools

Web Exploitation Books

Windows Utilities

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