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[Part 2] 191 Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews in 2022

Git Piper

Git Piper

Last Updated: July 15, 2022

[Part 2] 191 Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews

Check out the Part 2 series of the Top Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews and focus on your practical skills.

  1. BookingSync


BookingSync Interview Process: Small takehome project, interviews over skype with team members.

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  1. BoomTown


BoomTown Interview Process: Conversational in-person interviews with potential team members and managers that revolve around past experience and how that could be applied to future work

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  1. Bramble


Bramble Interview Process: Slack interview, take home test, pairing, culture-fit interview.

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BRYTER Interview Process: Initial 30min video call for getting to know each other, one 90min technical interview where you talk about one relevant previous project and we then dive deeper together (no pairing session or any other kind of exercise), second 90min interview where we ask questions around giving/receiving feedback and your ability to build relationships in remote setting, two final calls with people lead and then founder.

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  1. Buffer


Buffer Interview Process: Interviews over video call, code walkthrough of real code focussing on decisions and reasoning, then a 45 day full time, fully paid contract project working on production code.

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  1. Buildkite


Buildkite Interview Process: No CV required. Anonymized writing assessments. Video chat with founder and future team member about you, the job, and the company. Last video chat is a pair programming for technical roles or more in-depth chat for non-technical roles. Offer.

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  1. Bustle


Bustle Interview Process: Half day pair programming on a task for production or one of our Open Source projects. We'll also buy you lunch with the team.

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  1. ButterCMS


ButterCMS Interview Process: Take home exercise and half-day of pair programming

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  1. ByBox


ByBox Interview Process: Phone interview followed by interview with devs (ideally in person but sometimes Skype) covering technical experience and coding exercise with real code.

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  1. CACI Rome


CACI Rome Interview Process: Phone interview followed by in-person or Skype screen sharing interview with a coding exercise in either Java, web (Node.js + frontend), or both. Interview format is exclusive to the Rome, NY office and may not be shared by other regional CACI offices.

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  1. Canonical


Canonical Interview Process: Review your open source contributions at shortlist stage. 4x60m interviews over Hangouts, each of which is carried out blind (none of the interviewers talk to each other until the final review). The company is fully remote, so there is no on-site.

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  1. Cartegraph


Cartegraph Interview Process: Phone screen, hiring manager interview, small take-home coding project, and team code review/interview

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  1. Chargify


Chargify Interview Process: Take-home project & pair on a problem similar to daily work

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  1. Cheerful


Cheerful Interview Process: Take home small project which tests the adaptability of the developer with the stack used by the company, followed by a feedback interview (15 min) then a tryout offer (2 weeks / 1 month) or a permanent offer is made depending on the project results.

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  1. Chef


Chef Interview Process: Take home small project testing the ability to implement real world problems. Phone/Zoom interviews discussing the said project. Checking if the candidate would be a good cultural fit.

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  1. Chesapeake Technology

Chesapeake Technology

Chesapeake Technology Interview Process: Phone screen (30 minutes), take home at leisure question based on real development followed by in person review of solution and general technical questions with actual team and opportunity for you to ask questions and provide feedback ( 2-3 hours)

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  1. CircleCI


CircleCI Interview Process: Take-home project and discussion, followed by on-site interview that includes pair programming on actual CircleCI bugs/feature requests.

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  1. ClickMagick


ClickMagick Interview Process: Phone conversations and examples of Free Software/Open Source work

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  1. CloudBees


CloudBees Interview Process: Multiple interviews, discussion of technical background and experiences.

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  1. Clubhouse


Clubhouse Interview Process: Phone interview, followed by onsite discussions and pair programming

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  1. Colearn


Colearn Interview Process: Alignment call with HR or CTO, small take home assignment, remote pair programming session about the assignment with senior engineer & tech lead.

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  1. Collabora


Collabora Interview Process: On-site or video interview, discussion of technical experience and sometimes approach for tackling a hypothetical problem.

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  1. Colonist


Colonist Interview Process: Call->Solve real product coding assignment

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  1. combyne


combyne Interview Process: Short online technical test, 4-hour take-home project, and culture fit interview with members of the team.

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  1. Container Solutions

Container Solutions

Container Solutions Interview Process: Unbiased process in a nutshell: chat with one of our recruiters, skills assessment and tech assessment, personality assessment which is followed by an interview with one of our occupational psychologists to discuss results. At the end a panel interview.

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