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[Part 4] 191 Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews in 2022

Git Piper

Git Piper

Last Updated: July 15, 2022

[Part 4] 191 Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews

Check out the Part 4 series of the Top Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews and focus on your practical skills.

  1. Frappe


Frappe Interview Process: Take-home project, a short pair programming exercise, discussion and interview with members of the Engineering team.

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  1. GatherContent


GatherContent Interview Process: Culture-first interviews, pair programming and remote, informal technical discussions

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  1. Geosite


Geosite Interview Process: Phone chat -> Take home project resembling the team focus -> Discussion about takehome & culture fit.

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  1. Ghost Inspector

Ghost Inspector

Ghost Inspector Interview Process: Video interview, short (under 2 hour) take-home project, and team video interview

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  1. Ginger


Ginger Interview Process: Realistic coding exercise, take-home project, virtual onsite (system design, experience, and culture)

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  1. GitHub


GitHub Interview Process: Take-home exercise, code review and technical discussions.

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  1. GitLab


GitLab Interview Process: A series of video calls, and a coding exercise involving working on a Merge Request that is like a real work task

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  1. GitPrime


GitPrime Interview Process: small short term real-world project, paid project on production code

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  1. Glassdoor


Glassdoor Interview Process: A series of video calls, some coding exercises involving real world problems (Styling a page with CSS, Using JavaScript to fetch data from an API and display on a page.

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  1. GM Financial

GM Financial

GM Financial Interview Process: Roles under Marketing Technology team are 100% remote and only have HR Screening + 2 rounds: 1st round: Technical conversation with an architect and a senior engineer regarding candidate's experience and how that matches up to the role. Final round: cultural/behavioral interview with hiring manager.

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  1. Gower Street Analytics

Gower Street Analytics

Gower Street Analytics Interview Process: Initial telephone chat, then either a) work with us, fully paid, for a day on real code with the team; or b) pair-programming on a code kata with the team members for four pomodoros. Your choice.

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  1. Grape


Grape Interview Process: Github or code samples -> Pair programming -> Skype/phone interview

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  1. Graphistry


Graphistry Interview Process: Discuss product/market, engineering, and culture, review past code/project, and for junior developers, choice of take home or code review.

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  1. Gruntwork


Gruntwork Interview Process: Paid, take-home project with pair coding

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  1. Happy Team

Happy Team

Happy Team Interview Process: General technical questions, takehome paid exercise with feedback/discussion during implementation

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  1. Hashnode


Hashnode Interview Process: Phone/video call interview for quick personal introduction -> a take-home coding exercise based on real world example -> take-home task discussion -> culture fit session.

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  1. Healthify


Healthify Interview Process: Take-home project, discussion via Zoom, pair programming with us on our app for a day.

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  1. Hero Digital

Hero Digital

Hero Digital Interview Process: Take-home project with code review, multiple (non-technical) interviews with different areas of the company about past projects and experience

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  1. Heroku


Heroku Interview Process: Timeboxed independent project on Github, discussion/debrief of project via Hangouts, productionization discussion via Hangouts, "meet the team" meeting

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  1. Hireology


Hireology Interview Process: Walk through personal/work projects and discuss experience

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  1. Hologram


Hologram Interview Process: Intro call, take-home project taken from production work, pair programming exercise

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  1. Home Chef

Home Chef

Home Chef Interview Process: Get-to-know-you meeting with the team, followed by a half-day collaborative coding session

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  1. Ideamotive


Ideamotive Interview Process: Take-home project, technical interview with developer

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  1. InfluxData


InfluxData Interview Process: Technical and non-technical interviews, pair programming, with prospective manager and multiple prospective teammates

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  1. Inmar


Inmar Interview Process: Take-home project and conversation-style interviews

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