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[Part 5] 191 Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews in 2022

Git Piper

Git Piper

Last Updated: July 15, 2022

[Part 5] 191 Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews

Check out the Part 5 series of the Top Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews and focus on your practical skills.

  1. Innovia CoLabs

Innovia CoLabs

Innovia CoLabs Interview Process: Zoom interview with two to three engineers and you share projects/code you're proud of; only reviewing code you wrote yourself. Most of the interview is about culture fit and who you are as a person. There is a blog on the website that outlines the interview and will contact you prior to tell you exactly what the interview will be like.

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  1. Jeli


Jeli Interview Process: A series of conversations involving product deep dive, technical discussions, and behavioral topics. Discussions are open ended conversations about how one would approach solving real world problems. Questions may be scenario based involving talking through tradeoffs.

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  1. Jitbit


Jitbit Interview Process: Take-home real-world task

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  1. Interview Process: Phone Interview, Take-home project, On-site technical conversation relating to the tech stack you would be hired to build with

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  1. Koala


Koala Interview Process: Phone screen. Open-ended take-home coding challenge. Pair Programming exercise. Meet the CEO and the rest of team.

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  1. Lattice


Lattice Interview Process: Technical exercises based on work we do at Lattice, discussion of a new architecture to solve a real world problem

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  1. Litmus


Litmus Interview Process: General technical questions, take-home code challenge, discussion, on-site programming session, meet & greet with the team

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  1. Magical


Magical Interview Process: Culture fit interview + take home assignment, followed by a technical interview, and a CTO interview.

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  1. Magnetis


Magnetis Interview Process: Phone interview + take home assignment, followed by pair programming and informal meeting with the team.

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  1. Mapbox


Mapbox Interview Process: Conversational interviews, paid onsite project with team.

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  1. Mattermost


Mattermost Interview Process: Follow-up questions over email, a couple of video calls, audition (paid real-world “try out” project), video call to discuss audtion, and then a video call with the CTO

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  1. Mirumee


Mirumee Interview Process: Pair programming and code review using one of the issues (or Pull Requests) in our open-source Saleor project, general discussion about programming, technology and candidate's experience

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  1. Monzo


Monzo Interview Process: Phone interview with another engineer. Take-home assignment. Call to debrief on take-home assignment. Half-day interview (on-site or Hangouts) with three conversational sessions: (1) building on take-home test & real-world system design (verbal and collaborative); (2) digging into knowledge & understanding in 1-2 other relevant technical areas; (3) general background, teams and ways of working.

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  1. Mozilla


Mozilla Interview Process: Deep-dive discussions on technical and mentorship problems solved in the past. No live coding. Total of 3 rounds.

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  1. Mux


Mux Interview Process: Hands-on software engineer and system-design interviews that focus on collaboratively building practical applications at scale.

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  1. Nedap


Nedap Interview Process: A simple conversation, human to human and a small on-site project

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  1. Neoteric


Neoteric Interview Process: Face2Face conversation, take home exercise & pair programming session

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  1. NerdWallet


NerdWallet Interview Process: Code review phone screen, on-site project to build a functioning app with interviewee's platform of choice

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  1. Netguru


Netguru Interview Process: Takehome exercise & pair programming session

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  1. Netlandish


Netlandish Interview Process: Takehome exercise, chat interview, video interview

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  1. Netlify


Netlify Interview Process: Takehome project and online/onsite discussion

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  1. Neural Lab

Neural Lab

Neural Lab Interview Process: Online non-technical (Behavioural) interview, followed by a Technical Interview with the core team - mainly revolving around the real-world problems, best approaches and some scenario based questions.

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  1. Ninjaneers


Ninjaneers Interview Process: Google Hangouts resume dive on past experience and projects

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  1. NodeSource


NodeSource Interview Process: A person-to–person walk through of a past project of yours

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  1. NordPass


NordPass Interview Process: HR talk, take-home task, tech interview, culture fit interview

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