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[Part 7] 191 Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews in 2022

Git Piper

Git Piper

Last Updated: July 15, 2022

[Part 7] 191 Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews

Check out the Part 7 series of the Top Remote Friendly Tech Companies that don't do whiteboard interviews and focus on your practical skills.

  1. Shogun


Shogun Interview Process: Discussion about software development and past experience, code samples, paid trial period.

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  1. Showmax


Showmax Interview Process: Take home project, then a pair-programming and discussion onsite / Hangouts round.

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  1. SigNoz


SigNoz Interview Process: Intro round to explore interests, 1-2 Technical interviews that resembles a problem SigNoz solves for, then product round to discuss on industry and problems which SigNoz is solving.

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  1. Simply Business

Simply Business

Simply Business Interview Process: Three stage, one day interview with quick feedback. One of the stages is 1.5h pair-programming session, where interviewee is assigned a task and interviewing developer plays role of Product Owner.

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  1. Smartia


Smartia Interview Process: Take-home real world project to complete, call with head of engineering, culture fit with CEO and COO

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  1. Interview Process: Take-home real world project, interviews with HR and engineering team

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  1. Sourcegraph


Sourcegraph Interview Process: Tailored to the candidate, often consists of take-home work, discussion of real-world eng challenges, and product familiarity.

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  1. Splice


Splice Interview Process: Call with recruiter, 4 hr take-home project, video interview w two engs on take-home exercise, video call with hiring manager, video call w VPE & principal eng to talk about architecture.

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  1. Stardog Union

Stardog Union

Stardog Union Interview Process: Technical discussion and general interest conversations

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  1. StashAway


StashAway Interview Process: Take Home Technical Task (broken down to frontend or backend focused), Database Architecture Case Design round, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) team round, and Management Interview

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  1. Storm


Storm Interview Process: Phone/skype screen --> Take-home coding assignment --> on-site/skype interview loop to discuss assignment; meet-and-greet with other teams --> +1/-1 based on team consensus

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  1. Stripe


Stripe Interview Process: Programming/debugging phone screen + on site with your own laptop/setup and full access to internet, systems design discussion and talk with hiring manager about team alignment.

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  1. STRV


STRV Interview Process: A social interview with a recruiter + take-home coding challenge followed by a technical interview session discussing your approach in solving the take-home assignment + a culture-fit interview with the head of engineering.

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  1. Symphony Commerce

Symphony Commerce

Symphony Commerce Interview Process: Take-home project (phone), design discussion, review and critique code, debugging questions

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  1. Tes


Tes Interview Process: Remote pair programming session on React/Node kata with small takehome exercise as prep. Remote interview with senior engineers about previous experience, technical knowledge and interests.

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  1. Test Double

Test Double

Test Double Interview Process: Initial conversation, Consulting interview, Technical interview, Pair programming, Takehome exercise.

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  1. Toggl


Toggl Interview Process: Online test on basic programming skills, followed by interview (typically includes get-to-know questions and technical skill testing). Depending on the team, there may be a take-home or live coding assignment. to work with the team on actual bugs/features.

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  1. Tooploox


Tooploox Interview Process: Team fit interview and then take-home project. Next on-site or remote interview consisting of discussion and live coding based on the delivered code. Focusing on high level questions, architecture and design decisions.

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  1. Top Hat

Top Hat

Top Hat Interview Process: Short coding challenge inspired from the day-to-day problem space followed by a longer frontend or backend pairing design and implementation exercise

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  1. Tophatter


Tophatter Interview Process: Introductory call, followed by a technical phone screen that takes place on Coderpad. Next is the onsite interview, consisting in a bug squash, a refactoring exercise, a project, and closing with an informal chat about how the candidate likes to work and what they’re looking for in their next job.

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  1. Transparent Classroom

Transparent Classroom

Transparent Classroom Interview Process: Phone screen, 1 hr pairing on toy problem, 4 hr pairing on real code, full-day paid stage

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  1. Truora


Truora Interview Process: Take-home project, followed by phone interview with tech leads to discuss the project.

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  1. Truss


Truss Interview Process: Phone screen/ Take-home project that resembles a problem Truss has seen many times before / Followup interview about the project / Closing Interview, all interviews done remotely

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  1. Upstatement


Upstatement Interview Process: Phone screen, take home project relevant to our work, first round interview to discuss background and take home implementation, second round interview to meet more employees and share some of your and our recent work.

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  1. Upwave


Upwave Interview Process: Intro call, take home project, live take home project review, application / system design conversation, behavioral interview, offer!

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  1. Urban Dynamics

Urban Dynamics

Urban Dynamics Interview Process: Phone screen, take home project (exercises publicly available), and then interview with team.

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  1. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors Interview Process: Take home assignment, presentation of assignment, live code review with team. Advanced / high-level chat with team based on skillset and role.

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  1. Virtually Human

Virtually Human

Virtually Human Interview Process: Take home assignment, Short interview around the assignment and past experience.

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  1. Webflow


Webflow Interview Process: Short take-home challenge, followed by a paid 3-5 day freelance contract project

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  1. Weedmaps


Weedmaps Interview Process: Phone screen, Group interview, and possible code review

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  1. Wildbit


Wildbit Interview Process: Take-home project followed by interviews.

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  1. X-Team


X-Team Interview Process: A short, fun Node.js challenge, followed by a series of culture-based interview questions, followed by a creative mock project with tons of freedom on how to approach, and follow-up questions about the approach they chose to discuss the tradeoffs. Usually a 10-30 day paid training is rewarded to top candidates to prep them for remote communication skills needed to join a team.

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  1. 18F


18F Interview Process: take-home coding exercise (2-4 hours), technical and values-match interviews over video chat

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  1. 3BoxLabs


3BoxLabs Interview Process: Intro call, resume walk-through, and finally live work exercise with ~2 hours indepdendent work followed by ~1.5 hour debrief discussing the work with the rest of the team.

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  1. 47 Degrees

47 Degrees

47 Degrees Interview Process: Questions related to implementation of specific projects using popular functional programming libraries and techniques and a discussion about the tradeoffs. Discussion of past open-source projects/contributions and future open-source goals. This company looks for people who have modern functional programming experience in Haskell, Scala, Swift, or Kotlin and it looks for people who have existing open-source contributions in those fields so the roles can be a bit self-selecting.

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  1. 500friends


500friends Interview Process: Take home challenge followed by onsite expansion of the submission and high level discussions (design exercise or overview of past projects)

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  1. 5Minds


5Minds Interview Process: Coding exercise via GitHub, you are interviewed by a developer and a team lead, there is no live coding

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  1. YLD


YLD Interview Process: Take home-code challenge, pair-programming session and discussion about past experience

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  1. Zapier


Zapier Interview Process: Recruiter interview, take-home project, code review of the take-home project, technical discussions with hiring manager and engineers from the team, values interview.

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  1. Zweitag


Zweitag Interview Process: Get-to-know call, take-home task representative to our problems, mentoring throughout the process, on-site pairing and discussion, talks for aligning expectations

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  1. Zype


Zype Interview Process: Skype/Video call with VP of Product and a take-home challenge.

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